Sunday, 25 January 2009

And you thought they only ate meatballs?!

The strawberry thing got me thinking! I need to know more about what the Swedes eat.

I could go over there with a bunch of recipes for meatballs, but I'm pretty sure I'll be sick of the stuff after the first few days.

So what else do they eat?Returning to my gospal Book of Swedish:

Inlagd sill - Every self respecting Swede has his/her own - or his/her mother's recipe for pickled herrings!

I must be completely honest - even though I'm British and they love to pickle stuff - eggs, onions, gherkins... I have never been a fan of it myself.

But okay... pickled herring! It is written down - to be tasted when I am next in Sweden. erm... can't wait.


Dillpotatis - Swedes are very partial to new potatoes boiled with dill. They also use this herb in white sauces, with fish and crayfish.

Now that's more like it. Tomorrow I shall hit the shops and buy some dill to have with my potatoes!!

Will it go well with pork?

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