Monday, 19 January 2009

What are you listening to?

Today something arrived in the post that is really going to help me with the language.

I have been struggling on the past few weeks learning solely from reading a book - but last week I was getting frustrated as I wasn't sure if I was pronouncing the words correctly.

SO I ordered the CD accompaniment to my book.

I have now uploaded the CD to my MP3 player. Instead of listening to Abba (erm, yeah right) I am now walking the streets of Carlisle listening to Swedish dialog.

On my way into work this evening I finally put the letter "K" debate to rest! It is pron K as in kite, kitchen when it is infront of a hard vowel, and pron "ch" when in front of soft vowels.

I also have this crazy idea that if I fall asleep with the CD on loop in my room, I may subconciously learn Swedish in my sleep... it could happen???

Jag går nu! (I'm going now)

Hej då (bye)


  1. Yeah, I understand it must be really hard to learn how to pronounciate the words just by reading them... too bad you dont have a SWEDISH PERSON there to help you!

    Molly you LAZY TWAT! Help him!!!!

  2. Haha she is helping! But has been in Sweden til now.

    I tried having the Swedish CD on while I was sleeping last night... erm it led to a bizzare nights sleep. But I think it may work a little as I felt knackered when I woke up.

  3. HAHA jezz stop being such a bitch! ive only been here for 3 days. and im mega busy with uni. easy tiger, easy.