Thursday, 22 January 2009

Can I say?

å, ä, ö

I'm trying to construct a sentence based on words and rules I have remembered....

Can I say:

Kan gå vi för en öl?

I want to say - Can we go for a beer?

If I was to write it the way it is said in English I think I would write - Kan vi gå för en öl?

But if I have understood my book correctly, I put the verb after the question word. The verb in this case being "go"

So it becomes Can go we for a beer?

Have I got this sentence right? I plan to use it a lot, so it is important.

I also have a feeling I should take the letter "a" / "en" out?

This is because when you say "someone is a policeman" for example, you just say "He is (Han är) policeman"

So it would then become Kan gå vi för öl?

Tack mycket.


  1. I'd say "Kan vi gå och ta en öl?", or "Vill du gå och ta en öl?" thats more like "Can we/do you want to...go grab a beer?".

  2. Thank you. I will put it to the test this evening.

  3. + we'd more likely say: ska vi gå och ta en öl (or short: ska vi ta en öl?)which means exactly "shall we go and grab a beer" or just "shall we grab a beer". straight forward, earnest, sweeeedish (erm NOT) put it to test and get your arse here a.s.a.p!! /CCCCCCCC