Monday, 5 January 2009

Language Lesson #1

Okay - so I mastered the art of saying thanks in Swedish (Tack if you had forgotten) - But I realise I can't live in a foreign country and survive soley on my thanking ability - though I may earn myself the title of the politest Swede.

So it is time to learn the language.

I was in Stockholm on New Years Eve and stopped in a book shop and picked up Teach Yourself Swedish for a very reasonable 249 Swedish Kronas - what's that like £25 English money?

It is harder than you would think despite the first page saying "Swedish is not a difficult language for an English-speaking person to learn."

Okay in the first lesson we are going to look at the alphabet... Firstly think of the English alphabet. Now try and invent 3 brand new letters. Seriously give it a go! Impossible right?

WELL not if your Swedish! The Swedish alphabet has 29 letters!

Adding these:

Å, Ä and Ö

Now I could try and pronounce the Swedish alphabet to you by typing it, but why not visit here:

But it isn't as easy as that - they are pronounced differently when they are in words as short or long vowels. More on this in a future blog. For now - practice the alphabet until you know it off by heart.

Tomorrow I am going to try and experience the Swedish way of life in England... but need to make a quick purchase first!

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