Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Showing off... ish

å, ä, ö

P.S. If Swedish readers spot mistakes, please correct me. Tack så mycket (thanks very much)

Okay so I'm trying this without my Swedish book - so might not be perfect:

Hej (hello)

Vad heter du? (What is your name?)

Jag heter Steve (My name is Steve)

Varifrån kommer du? (Where are you from?)

Jag kommer från England. (I come from England)

Vad har du för yrke? (What job do you do?)

Jag är radio producer. (I'm a radio producer)

Trevlig att träfass. (Nice to meet you)

Talar du Engelska? (Do you speak English?)

I know lots of other words of course, but this is the first conversation I've memorised.

There are things that I know that will absolut (definitely) come in handy:

Vad vill du Göra? (What do you want to do?)

En öl skulle smaka gott. (A beer would be nice.)

Det låter gott! (That sounds good)

Which reminds me, tonight I gave up the chance to go drinking so I could stay in and study Swedish! This is how serious I am.


  1. very very good student Steve. I am mighty proud!

  2. "Talar du engelska" never spell languages with a capital letter. Although countries are still beeing spelled with a capital letter.

  3. Thanks for the info Philip! Most helpful!

  4. This is great stuff :)
    The only thing would be that the word 'a producer' is 'producent' in Swedish, with the stress on the last syllable.