Sunday, 4 January 2009

Once upon a time in England...

Okay so I do not live in Sweden... yet. But I will.

This blog will document how I will transorm myself from a Northern English lad into a fully speaking and working Swedish citizen.

SO who am I?

Born in Blackpool, the tourismn capital of Northern England, fully equipped with theme parks boasting the biggest rollercoaster in England, a massive Tower that can be seen from miles around, and a really long promonade which has the (aherm) "cleanest beach" I have ever seen...

Okay so you're now thinking, why would anyone want to leave this wonderful town, with these big, long and clean attractions...?

Lots of reasons really, the main one is the lack of prospects.

SO I moved away - to Carlisle. Studied media at the - then named - "Arts College" - and eventually started working for BBC Local Radio.

So WHY Sweden?

I have visted Sweden on three occasions. Twice in Stockholm and once on an Island "Marstrand" (I think it's called), near Gothenburg - and I love it.

My best friend in the whole world is Swedish (but currently living in Carlisle) - and I have two more great friends living in Sweden at the moment.

So HOW will I make this move? and when by?

I have no idea! But I'm hoping to be ready by the summer of 2010. Keep reading to update yourselves on my progress.

(I know one word... that's a good start! - it means thanks, for those who will be taking this journey with me).

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  1. Good luck! I want to move to Sweden too... It's a dream of mine, I hope to be there by summer 2012... Long way to go. Best of luck again, it'll be worth it! :)

    Becca x