Monday, 2 February 2009

One month in...

So one month into my project to move to Sweden.

How am I doing?

Well to be honest I could be doing much better!

I had a bit of a crazy week last week where I let everything fall to pieces! The closest I came to doing anything even remotely Swedish related was eating meatballs with my Swedish friend Malin.

A mixture of too many partying opportunities and hungover days resulted in me not even opening my Swedish book.

I will work very hard this week to catch up.

OH I must tell you this. After a couple of glasses of wine and an MSN conversation with my other Swedish friend Jessica I realised that I miss the place and decided to book a flight to Stokholm. I fly out in 2 weeks!! :)


  1. so whats the crap about "crave for some cissitime"?????? now i dont feel special anymore :(

  2. haha I am craving some cissitime! stop moaning! it was whilst talking to jessica that i realised it.

    Meh don't make me come over there now and punch you on the nose for being silly!