Wednesday, 11 February 2009


å, ä, ö

Klocken är tjugo i elva, och jag dricker en kopp kaffe. I really need to learn how to say "I'm hungover!"

After an hour learning to tell the time in Swedish, I treated myself to several pints.

I've learnt a few useful bits from my Swedish friend Malin lately. My favourite are the most important. How to say "party" and "tonight"

"Festa" och "ikvall"

I have also started texting Malin in Swedish. How much of it is accurate I'm not sure. Yesterday when we were discussing whether I should go to her flat (våning) first, or meet her in the bar I texted "Brickyard? Jag vill gå härifrån" which I think means "Brickyard? I will go from here."

Also on the weekend I texted "Vad vill du gera ikvall? En öl skulle smaka gött" - which should mean "What do you want to do tonight? A beer would be good."

If you notice any mistakes, please point them out it is how I'm learning. I wrote as my Facebook status "Stockholm ett vecka!" (Stockholm one week!!) - I learnt that I should have used "en vecka" - so keep the corrections coming, they are appreciated.


  1. Well.. Brickyard? Jag vill gå härifrån
    actually translates to "Brickyard? I want to leave" So you probarly should write like "brickyard? Jag går härifrån." It´s the will word that f´s up the translation as the word will translates to the swedish word for want. Ask Molly to explain!

    See u in a couple of days :)

  2. Vad vill du göra ikväll?

    "I'm hungover", somewhat like "Jag är bakfull" or "Jag är bakis" where "bakis" is slang for "bakfull".